Swedish jewelry brand looking for distributors in France

Our customer is a Swedish premium brand, The Fortunate One, and the producer of horseshoe bracelets in Sterling Silver with interchangeable bands. It offers the wearer of the bracelet the opportunity to change bands according to their clothing/mood. Once a person finds their lucky horseshoe, we want the bearer to always be able to carry it, independent of colour of clothing. The meaning of the horseshoe is that it symbolizes luck and a protection against evil spirits.

It is a recently started company built on the invention (design protected in Europe and USA) of a standalone horseshoe with different bands to choose from. The Fortunate One started with full grain leather bands/straps and will shortly launch the rope edition.

The company’s products are sold through internet today. The Fortunate One is now looking to expand their reach through distributors and are looking for distributors and partners in France.

Web: www.thefortunateone.se

Type of service (please describe the service you are interested in): Distribution and sales
Business sector: Fashion , jewelry
Country of origin: Sweden
Language requirements: French, English